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Study in Green and Grey - 03.16.06
submitter: color01569
location:Uxbridge, MA
It's almost like hunting in a game preserve, bagging a mattress that is already on its way to its final resting place, but here you have one, topping off this "can." If you climb the little ladder on the side, you can see the other half of the mattress/box-spring combination.
category:Dumpster Divers


color01569 commented on 04.06.06
No, Chaf. This is the center of town, where both sides of the tracks are the right side. It is in the back of an office building.

Chaf commented on 04.05.06
Is this dumpster behind some low rent apartments by any chance?

wim commented on 04.05.06
you travell between RI and MA and you just love ladders. How about our difference in age?