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Wrap That Rascal - 03.15.06
submitter: color01569
location:Woonsocket, RI
This one has a "just-from-the-store" look. Maybe a shoplifter got tired of carrying it.
category:Seen Worse


Smart Set commented on 04.05.06
Today's date is quite cool in the US format.

color01569 commented on 04.05.06
I am much younger. September. Late in September.

wim commented on 04.05.06
that puts us in the same year. I was born in june, how about you.

color01569 commented on 04.05.06
Sorry, Wim. What used to be Indians are now Native Americans. We have been "politically correct" about that long enough so that it is mostly old codgers who resist change that use the old term. Hence my reference to Indian tribe names and age. SmartSet has it right. My screen name includes my postal code. I was born in 1949. Mike.

Smart Set commented on 04.04.06
My camera has a swivel-lens that makes shots like this much easier e.g. #10402. Then it's a bit like using those old box cameras which had the viewfinder on the top so you looked down into it.

Smart Set commented on 04.04.06
Slight noel problem there: explanation.

Smart Set commented on 04.04.06
wim, not his age - see #12079 for 01569 expanation.

wim commented on 04.04.06
Mike? First of mai 1969?You would have a day of on your birthday in Belgium, a lifelong explaining. I don't get what age has to do with tribe names, but all the names were new to me.

color01569 commented on 04.04.06
I was standing on a ladder when I took that shot... (I had my little pocket tripod with me, not the full-size, and since it was a night shot, the camera was only 5" from the ground. Luckily, the little monitor helped me compose the shot, or I would have had to crawl around on my belly to set it up--not the thing you can get away with at most street-mattress sites. BTW: thanks for the detail about Indian tribe names (my age is showing) and "franco-belgian industrialists"? Mike

wim commented on 04.04.06
Woonsocket, the land of Nipmucs, Wampanoaags and Narragansetts.

wim commented on 04.04.06
they have franco-belgian industrialists, and a mayour hall with a gift shop. Great city site, let's go party, and speak French in Woonsocket

wim commented on 04.04.06
maybe color01569 is very small, as the comic-book figure chlorophil.

Smart set commented on 04.04.06
Woonsocket! Great name. Pic pretty damn fine, too.