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In it for the long haul - 02.23.06
submitter: color01569
location:Blackstone MA
From what I've seen, many street mattresses are ephemeral—they are only on the street for a little while, until the trashmen come and take them away, or until the moving van shows up. But this one has stood the test of time, and will proabably be there for a long, long time to come. I spotted it a couple of months ago, and it's still there. Part of the reason, of course, is that it is more a "woods mattress" than a "street mattress." But since no other trash has come to keep it company, the spot is likely to avoid the attention of both other dumpers and the authorities who clean up after other dumpers. So I have posted the GPS coordinates below, so that mattress-snappers who travel to New England can check up on it. If you don't plan to come to New England but want the flavor of what this garden-spot is like, Google Earth puts you right on the edge of the parking lot.

42 01.149N
071 32.054W


wim commented on 10.10.10
I hope Mike is still doing fine, after all we both started in the same year