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Double Ender - 02.23.06
submitter: Nancy Dumpling
location:St Annes, Bristol
Clearly no need for the construed sexual reference but it's the first title that came to mind...apologies.
category:Dumpster Divers


wim commented on 04.17.06
Googling I did not find the Irish group, but at least I now why ND wrote her lines. I learned a new word :*dong* and learned that a double ender is a boat.

Smart Set commented on 04.16.06
Isn't there some Irish folk group called The Double Enders?

wim commented on 04.16.06
I have no idea in what way a double ender is related to whatever sexual reference. I fear islanders have a different preference. The only link I could make is 2 people sitting in a bath, Bubble Enders

Smart Set commented on 04.15.06
ND'sM, your comment reads as if it should be followed by maniacal laughter. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-HAAAA!

ND'sM commented on 04.15.06
Did you really think I hadn't spotted this and submitted it ND? 02.07.06!

Nancy Dumpling commented on 03.27.06
Sorry, SS.

Vogon3 commented on 03.20.06
this is a contender for the floating skip pics

Smart Set commented on 03.20.06
Tasteless Title of the Year.