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Here Doggie Doggie - 02.16.06
submitter: Donavon
location:Abilene, Tx
Most dogs (or people for that matter) don't understand the fine art of mattress hunting
category:Dumpster Divers


wim commented on 10.16.10
I wonder how this one became a dumpster diver, no dumpster in sight, could have been a cool for cats from the dog's point of view

button man commented on 09.15.06
yes, round hard plastic bin is comon in alleys, used a lot in california and longview, washington, and of corse texas. large garbage truck with hand grabs bin, raises it up and dumps contents into open top of truck. it's quite a site!

Smart Set commented on 02.28.06
How true. That's a very large bin. Is it general issue in Texas?