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mattress hopper - 01.28.06
submitter: Sara
location:Washington, DC
I resisted the temptation to join my friend on this plethora of mattresses for fear of catching something funky.
category:People Keepin it Real


chris brit commented on 02.06.06
if you turn this one upside down, it looks like they're about to fall on him and he's like, noooooooooo

wim commented on 01.31.06
On todays work I had to look at the remains of a window, where someone threw his furniture out, without bothering to open the windows, just breaking the glass with his hands. He could have had some use for the mattresses. But he was a bit over his rounds.

Motel 6 Owner commented on 01.31.06
This is what happens when my manager spent $50,000.00 on new mattresses. I throw him out the window in to the mattress pile.

Nancy Dumpling commented on 01.30.06
Nice one, Sara. Like it!

Smart Set commented on 01.29.06
That's not hopping, it's falling with style.