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Foggy - Hurricane Damage - 01.26.06
submitter: Jules
location:Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (MS)
Visiting family for Christmas 2005 - first visit after Hurricane Katrina. We took a drive from Gulfport, MS to New Orleans and found TONS of mattresses.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 11.06.10
the idea came to me reading below this picture

Smart Set commented on 11.06.10
By the fact that you can see the gap in the numbers. Even if that's wrong, there must be very few comments that have been deleted.

wim commented on 11.06.10
hey SS, if some comments are missing, how do we know the total number is still correct?

wim commented on 11.06.10
like a painting by velasquez, but then in WWI, the sofa a plane, the mattress a parachute

Massotherapist commented on 02.04.06
I hope this mattress helped save many stray animals on the ride.

Jules commented on 01.28.06
My mom. She's like that. :)

Smart Set commented on 01.28.06
Hey Jules, someone commented on each of your pics today and they all got deleted. Anyone you know?

Jules commented on 01.28.06
Thanks - it was pretty moody out there - kinda eerie.

Smart Set commented on 01.27.06
Great moody pic.