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Three Beauties and a Beast - 01.16.06
submitter: Donavon
location:Abilene, Tx
The mattress, the sunset, and the lovely Aleisha.....then the Beast
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 11.07.10
nice sky, good feeling with SE commenting, anyone heard of her lately?

Sleepeasy commented on 06.18.07
Hang on, I just conttoned on. Hadn't read the comments lower down. Duh.

Chaf commented on 06.18.07
In the states a slang term for giving someone the middle finger is call "flipping the bird".

Sleepeasy commented on 06.17.07
She's doing the dishes.

ART commented on 06.17.07
SE bird? SE you're on right now, where's your bird?

Chaf commented on 06.17.07
I miss Aleisha too, now all we get is the bird from SE's kid...not quite the same.

ART commented on 06.17.07
what happened to Aleisha? I kinda strangly miss her

Donavon commented on 01.18.06
My buddy James did the picture taking, we were on our way out to a night on the Austin. A mere 4 hour drive away

Smart Set commented on 01.18.06
This a self-timer job?

ART commented on 01.18.06
okay, I was to fast commenting, but I get the same feeling as in my (+-)last submission, without vanity this would be demilo-look-a-like