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CC Mattress - 11.25.05
submitter: Salinger
location:Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill, London
Two people, two arms in the air, one matt, a wink and a smile. With continued thanks to all who have helped along the way (Salinger Minor and the Big Cheese), here's to the CCs..
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 12.05.10
It's really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes ( Salinger)

salinger's brother commented on 12.14.05
i see the guy is protecting his head from the sun with a matress but there is one MAJOR problem there is no sun but again a new fashion trend on the way mattress hats

DVD Dan commented on 12.07.05
Congrats on reaching the Terrible Twos

salinger's brother commented on 12.06.05

salinger's brother commented on 12.06.05
alright you win nancy i won't kill him

Nancy Dumpling commented on 12.06.05
He said only nice things!

salinger's brother commented on 12.05.05
have you now nancy i will kill that pesty brother of mine he is such a liar (but only when he goes to sleep)

Nancy Dumpling commented on 12.02.05
Hello Salinger's Brother! Heard loads about you!

Salinger's Brother commented on 12.02.05
thanks for the mention brother i apprecaiate it i will speak to you soon and yet another top draw mattress fantastic work

Smart Set commented on 11.30.05
CCongrats, SS from SS. So that's the BC, eh? That matt suits him.