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A Day at the Beach - 11.07.05
submitter: Valerie
location:Nerja, Spain
We found this matt getting a tan on a cliff overlooking out secret beach..let's hope it can keep our secret...
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 01.03.11
spain is an amzing country, last november I still had a swim in the mediterranean

Gav commented on 11.19.05
Secret enough. Thems radioactive pallets. Venture nae near. besides there is a dragon lives there. Stick to the Balcon. GC

Chaf commented on 11.10.05
How secret is a beach where everybody dumps their garbage?

Rebecca commented on 11.09.05
Let's hope he shares with his pallet buddies.

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.09.05
I wonder what he brought with him in his cooler?