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Cat in the Matt - 11.07.05
submitter: Valerie
location:Nerja, Spain
Do you see that? There's a cat lurking behind this matt...
category:Cool for Cats


wim commented on 01.03.11
I have been radopted since new year, a nice young cat, as curious as they can get

wim commented on 08.24.10
as I was adopted by the cat, I have to guess by the reactions of the neighbours, hence between 15 and 18 years

Horse commented on 08.24.10
Sorry to hear about your cat Wim. Was he very old ?

wim commented on 08.23.10
well folks, I had to burry my cat today, suggelère, he adopted me and then he quitt life after several days of peacefull passing away. A sad day

Gav commented on 11.19.05
Aye. A very lovely pussy you have there.

Smart Set commented on 11.10.05
Forgot to say - good cat pic.

Rebecca commented on 11.10.05
Or would it be a case of "Meow in Translation..."

Rebecca commented on 11.10.05
Valerie, did the cat say anything? And if so, do you think the New York cats would have understood him/her?

Valerie commented on 11.10.05
I am New York Valerie - must send email to combine!! Darn email addresses...

Rebecca commented on 11.10.05
Apparently in 中国 they say "喵."

Rebecca commented on 11.10.05
According to Freetranslation, they say "maulle."

Smart Set commented on 11.10.05
They say "miau". This is Real Cat #20. Valerie, are you new Valerie or New York Valerie?

Rebecca commented on 11.09.05 many meows is that? Wait, what do cats say in Spain?