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Good ol' Port Orchard - 11.06.05
submitter: ChristineLarsen
location:Port Orchard, WA
Our county now has laws about certain "parcels" that are loaded with trash. This is one of them. Oh and look! There's a mattress!


Rebecca commented on 11.11.05
Oh I know. I have a new car that I have mixed feelings about but it gets 32 mpg so I feel like I should keep it just for that. I'm doing a lot less driving around looking for mattresses these days, unfortunately.

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.11.05
I wish that was the case, Rebecca. Sadly it just means our county designates certain people's property as "garbage zones" so they have a certain amount of time to clean up, or the county will do it for them. It's sort of hit and miss whether I can find these places. Wish gas didn't cost so much!

wim commented on 11.11.05
where is the trash?

Rebecca commented on 11.09.05
You mean you now have designated dumping lots in which to look for mattresses? Nice!