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Ovver theer, Sithee! - 10.11.05
submitter: FOD40UK
location:Settle, W.Yorkshire UK
I had to go over to the dark side (Yorkshire) on *business* so I donned mi' flat cap so as t'blend in wi' t'locals (wheres mi' whippet!)


wim commented on 04.08.11
fod is a word I see to much, or is is Fgov?

Rebecca commented on 10.13.05
Indeed. That aspect added flavor to our competition, at least in my mind.

Smart Set commented on 10.13.05
And Dan is South?

Rebecca commented on 10.13.05
North! North!

Smart Set commented on 10.13.05
you would obviously be with the crystal-wavers, but are you North or South? Geographically, Santa Cruz is kind of midway, isn't it?

Rebecca commented on 10.12.05
Speaking of traditional enmity, just wait until we have the war between Northern and Southern California. That'll be one for the history books. We'll wave crystals at them and try to smoke them out while they attempt to drown us in a sea of taco sauce and makeup.

Smart Set commented on 10.12.05
Well spotted, Rebecca. Using the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button is the critical part, because then you get taken straight to the website that's managed to make itself the most-viewed for the phrase "French military victories" - the spoof Google results page.

Rebecca commented on 10.12.05
That is funny, but for some reason it is not a google page.

FOD40UK commented on 10.12.05
Tres bon!

Nancy Dumpling commented on 10.12.05
That is bloody priceless!!!! Well found!!!

Vogon3 commented on 10.12.05
Speaking of wars, type "French military victories" on and click i'm feeling lucky

FOD40UK commented on 10.12.05
We won!(by default!)

Smart Set commented on 10.11.05
That's supposed to be a Yorkshire accent. There's a traditional enmity between Lancashire folk (e.g. FOD) and Yorkshire folk (e.g Lambert Simnel). Google "Wars of the Roses" for details.

Chaf commented on 10.11.05
Is that supposed to be a cockney accent? Please elaborate...

Smart Set commented on 10.11.05
Now then! I 'ope tha don't weer cap in t'car, else tha won't feel the benefit, FOD lad."