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What is daddy doing? - 10.09.05
submitter: Adam
location:Downtown Sarasota Florida.
He's catchin up the streetmattress backlog! YEAH!!!
Ok, so all who have wondered why submission acceptance has been so slow, here it is!
category:People Keepin it Real


Sleepeasy commented on 08.06.06
Congratulations,triple daddy! Two at once; oh boy. That's awesome.

wim commented on 08.06.06
he is pregnant of twins

Smart Set commented on 08.05.06
Adam, seven-week delay - are you pregnant again?

wim commented on 03.20.06
missed this one

Smart Set commented on 10.10.05
Does the dog pull the buggy for you while you stand on the back shouting "Mush!"?

FOD40UK commented on 10.09.05
All those sleepless nights! Man I remember them so well. Congratulations!Now he just needs a little sister to make the family complete....

Rebecca commented on 10.09.05
No wonder things slowed were pregnant!

Vogon3 commented on 10.09.05
One day son all this will be yours

Smart Set commented on 10.09.05
Hey! Is he your first? What's his name? That's a cool stare. How come you've been able to get up to date recently?