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jump around - 09.24.05
submitter: Wetspot
location:Bed-Sty, Brooklyn, NY
get on your feet and jump around, of course eveyone stopped jumping as soon as i took the pic.
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 02.19.11
like 11388, transoceanal jumping kids

Wetspot commented on 10.10.05
its okay, i wasent in my own car

Smart Set commented on 10.07.05
Got to be a bit careful, though, Wetspot. "Mommy, a strange man took a picture of me on a mattress. I got his license-plate number."

Vogon3 commented on 10.07.05
well done wetspot great picture and how happy are they to see you

Smart Set commented on 10.07.05
It doesn't matter; still a nice pic. Like Sesame Street.