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the great escape - 09.24.05
submitter: Wetspot
location:Ft Greene, Brooklyn, NY
doo do du doot do, doo doot du do
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 02.19.11
she did not run, perhaps he got of the easy way

Wetspot commented on 10.10.05
but i,m sorry to say its actually the theme from the Great Escape

Wetspot commented on 10.10.05
RIght on, Lou

Vogon3 commented on 10.07.05
Doop doo doop doo doop dobedoop doo doop doo doop

Lou Reed commented on 10.07.05
I think Wetspot might have been doing my "Walk on the Wild Side", actually.

Smart Set commented on 10.07.05
Oh, let's call the whole thing off.

FOD40UK commented on 10.07.05
Or does that come later on!?

FOD40UK commented on 10.07.05
I'd have said: "Da da..da-dAA d'da da....da-da da dAA d'da da da da..."etc..

Smart Set commented on 10.07.05
I thought it went: "Doo d' doo doo d'doo doo doo doo..."